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Carpet styles are plentiful and versatile

Carpet can cushion a child's play space or add a bit of comfort underfoot in a basement. Known for its ability to add warmth and color to a room, it's a popular flooring choice for bedrooms and living rooms. Carpet Barn is a carpet retailer in Washington that offers a wide variety of all types of carpeting as well as other floorings. We have one showroom in Spokane and one in Spokane Valley. Also, we sell top-quality flooring for less at our Carpet Barn Liquidation Center in Spokane Valley. You can find rolls ends, discontinued flooring, and clearance items at the center.


Nylon has been the most popular carpet fiber for decades. It retains its original look for years. Fibers can handle heavy traffic, and they can bounce back when heavy furniture has been removed. A newer fiber, Triexta, threatens nylon's dominance in the marketplace. Both are strong and durable. Triexta inherently resists stains while nylon usually receives treatments in the factory that give it the ability to repel stains. These are just two of the available materials. Depending upon the application, the following fibers may be more suitable:

  • Olefin -Budget-friendly, mold and water-resistant
  • Acrylic -Imitates the look and feel of wool
  • Polyester -Stain, water, and fade resistant
  • Wool -Soft, natural fiber

Loop vs pile

There are two main types of carpet construction. Loop pile consists of fibers that are bent into little loops and then attached to the backing. Loop pile, often called Berber, has a low profile and limited cushioning. These loops can be cut at the tip to create a cut pile. Cut pile varies in height. Carpet flooring with a shorter cut pile is most durable. The longest cut pile, called shag, is ideal for low traffic areas like bedrooms. The turn per inch number, or how many times the fibers twist around themselves, is noted on the label of cut pile carpet. A 6 TPI is the most durable.

Locally owned Carpet Barn has been offering carpet in the Spokane Valley, Washington, area for over 25 years. In addition to Spokane and Spokane Valley, our service area includes Airway Heights and Liberty Lake as well as Post Falls, Idaho. We have a fully licensed and bonded installation team that can handle any job. We specialize in quick installations that are completed within 7-10 days. We also offer a shop at home service. Our flooring specialists can guide you through your carpet upgrade project. Give us a call, stop by one of our stores, or fill out our online form.