Click vs. Glue Down LVP: Which is best for you?

Today, we're putting two heavyweight contenders head-to-head: Click and Glue Down Luxury
Click vs. Glue Down LVP: Which is best for you?
Vinyl Plank. Both have unique characteristics, so, let's dive in and find out which flooring solution emerges victorious in this ultimate showdown!

Round 1: Installation Ease

CLICK LVP: In this corner: click LVP is designed with a convenient click-lock system. Installation is a breeze; you simply connect the planks like pieces of a jigsaw puzzle, creating a smooth and uniform floor surface. It's an ideal choice for DIY enthusiasts, as no special adhesives are required. Just snap them in place, and you're good to go!

GLUE DOWN LVP:  In this corner, we have the traditional and steadfast glue down LVP. Although
Glue Down LVP
it demands a bit more effort and time, this method ensures a permanent bond with the subfloor. The result is a sturdy, quiet floor that feels seamless underfoot. For those seeking professional installation or superior durability, glue down planks come out swinging.

Round 2: Stability and Resilience

CLICK LVP: Don't let the easy installation fool you; click luxury vinyl plank is no lightweight when it comes to stability. Its interlocking system forms a tight fit, preventing the planks from shifting or gapping. This feature is especially useful in areas with fluctuating temperature and humidity levels, as it allows the floor to expand and contract harmoniously.

GLUE DOWN LVP: When it comes to resilience, glue down luxury vinyl plank proves to be an indomitable force. Thanks to the permanent adhesive bond, the planks become an integral part of the subfloor. This results in outstanding resistance to heavy foot traffic, making it an excellent choice for high-traffic areas in busy households or commercial spaces.

Round 3: Noise and Comfort

CLICK LVP: Whisper-quiet and soft underfoot, click luxury vinyl plank champions noise reduction and comfort. The click-lock system not only ensures stability but also minimizes the transmission of sound, creating a peaceful ambiance in your living spaces. It's a wonderful choice for families with children or those who value a serene environment.
Click Down LVP

GLUE DOWN LVP: While it might not match the noise reduction capabilities of its click counterpart, glue down luxury vinyl plank compensates with exceptional underfoot comfort. The direct adherence to the subfloor eliminates any slight give or movement, giving you a firm and cozy feeling with every step you take.

Round 4: Repairs

CLICK LVP: In the event of damage to a specific plank, the click system allows for individual replacements. The replacement takes a few steps and extra skills, so homeowners should consider hiring a professional to insure a perfect repair. 

GLUE DOWN LVP: While the initial installation might require more effort, one of the advantages of glue down luxury vinyl plank is that it can be more easily repaired over time. In case of damage, individual planks can be lifted out, and new ones can be glued in their place. This feature ensures your floor can withstand the test of time and unforeseen mishaps.

And The Winner Is…

At the sound of the final bell, both Click and Glue Down Luxury Vinyl Plank flooring have proven to be worthy contenders.

Choose Click Luxury Vinyl Plank if: 
  • You prefer a quick and easy installation process.
  • You desire a noise-reducing and comfortable flooring solution
  • You want the ability to replace individual damaged planks with the help of a pro.

Choose Glue Down Luxury Vinyl Plank if:

  • You prioritize superior stability and resilience
  • You prefer a professional installation for maximum durability.
  • You seek an option that allows for easier long-term repairs.

Regardless of which contender you choose, both Click and Glue Down Luxury Vinyl Plank offer stunning visuals, water-resistance, and low maintenance, making them top contenders in the world of modern flooring solutions.

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