Does luxury vinyl flooring expand?

Does luxury vinyl flooring expand?

One of the main reasons many homeowners choose luxury vinyl tile and plank is that it offers the wood look without the same characteristics as wood. We think you should know that luxury vinyl flooring could still expand under certain situations, and we will tell you more about that in today's post.

The expansion factor in luxury vinyl plank and tile

Even though luxury vinyl plank and tile offer different formats, they are made of the same materials, which applies to both. Luxury vinyl can indeed expand, but the acclimation process can usually make this phenomenon entirely manageable.

Changes in weather and temperatures are the primary reason luxury vinyl flooring expands and contracts, and each piece only does so by just a tiny fraction. However, if left unacclimated, this small percentage can result in significant gaps if applied across all your planks or tiles.

The acclimation process works to equalize the humidity in your home with the new flooring, which will alleviate much of the expansion and contraction. If you have further questions about your luxury vinyl tile or plank, speak with a flooring professional while visiting with us.

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