Frequently Asked Questions

1) Do you offer installation? We have an expert installation team that installs any item we carry.

2) Does the price of carpet include padding and installation? We sell padding and installation separately. We have several options to choose from and our staff will help you make the best decision for your needs. We do not charge extra for tack strips.

3) Is there a guarantee on your products? We offer a full guarantee on all products and services we offer. Warranties on carpet and hard surface varies by manufacturer and can be discussed with your sales staff.

4) Will you measure my house for me? We offer professional measurement services. A fully refundable $50 deposit is required and is applied to any purchase you make.

5) Will you take up and dispose of my old carpet? Yes, we can tear up and remove your old carpet. You can choose to take up your old carpet and save money. We also have a recycling program to limit landfill use.

6) Do you offer delivery? Yes, we can deliver any products purchased to Spokane City or Spokane Valley for a $50 fee. Additional charges apply for outlying areas.

7) Can I take home samples to see what I like? Of course! We have a sample board check out program. We can also cut samples off our huge in stock selection for your use. Take it home and pick the perfect look for your home.


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